Sunday, May 1, 2016

Victim of prolonged domestic violence finally speaks out on facebook

An embittered victim of prolonged domestic violence has decided to speak out on her ordeals at the hands of her husband. The lady identified as Chizoba Stella Keke, known on Facebook as Chyzzy Keke Udeoji, took to her page to air her grievances and let her family members know that she’s alive, contrary to stories being shared about her by her former husband.

Keke reportedly said her Austrian-based husband of five years Elvis Udeoji, literally turned her into a punching bag, and went on to say unprintable things about her.

Here’s what she wrote below: “Attention : I AM NOT MISSING. Please my attention has been drawn to a facebook post by one said Elvis Udeoji that i am missing and have allegedly kidnapped two children. l hereby wish to allay the fears of my relatives, friends, business acquaintances and anybody who knows me including the general public on the following issues:

( 1) The kids in question are my biological children, i don’t see how rational it would make any normal person believe that a mother can possibly abduct her own kids. The only plausible reason is that I had to remove my kids from a volatile violent environment.

( 2) l have been married to Elvis Udeoji for 5yrs and in those years I was a victim of repeated domestic violence. I was hit, punched, verbally and emotionally abused and physically mutilated.

The evidence of such can be produced at anytime. All these years, my kids especially my first child Naetochi was made to witness all these, the last incident which involved Elvis practically destroyed all our furniture and louvers in other to get at me,the scene was terrible, my kids held on to me to protect them from the trauma. Elvis tried to set us on fire by pouring petrol around me with the kids held on to me for dear life and tried to light a match, if not for the timely intervention of neighbours, I would have lost my life and that of the kids that day.

My son who is 5yrs should be naturally asking for his father but the reverse is the case, in almost a year of hiding Naeto has repeatedly warned me never to take them back to their daddy in his words any time I announce we are travelling ” Mummy please let us not go to owerri, my daddy will beat you again. Yes, some may believe that l was probably a coward for quitting; but believe me, I endured every manner of embarrassment and humiliation including beating and stripping me naked before his (Elvis) workers who lived with us; pushing my son and I out of his moving car before his friends and other road users, beating and stripping me naked before my kids, neighbours and parents, smoking all kinds of things including weed and cocaine before my son Naetochi. I held on, but as a mother, I couldn’t keep holding on when I could see clearly that my kids were constantly endangered.

Elvis took pride in informing anyone who had ears to hear that he wasn’t the father of my daughter Munachiso, the same child he is claiming to be missing now on Facebook. l endured all these and more so i wouldn’t be accused of not trying. I chose not to be just another count in the bodies women who died of violence, I chose to raise children away from brutality, drunkenness, drug abuse, lies and debauchery, I chose to protect myself and my innocent and helpless kids by hiding because I know Elvis taste for violence.

He has always been an unfit father with a long history of drug abuse. That is why he could mistake my one year on the run for abduction. He is only drawing attention to himself for sympathy; but he has the very evil intention of killing me and my children which is why I have been in hiding to, escape from his brutal attacks. Since I left, he has hunted me constantly threatening my family and friends to produce me.

He has gone to the extent of entering my last place of business in Owerri, destroying all my property and the shop itself. He physically assaulted my workers and landlord all in the bid to source for information about my whereabouts. I wish to say my children and l are fine. The kids are going to school and they are doing better than they have ever done. lam fine too and healing, and on the course of putting my life back together.

Also I am working, so I can take good care of my kids. I expect that if truly Elvis has anything to say, he should do so in the appropriate way and manner as stated by law.

I am deeply sorry for any embarrassment my revealing these sordid details may cause to my family, friends, business acquaintances and the general public; but I believe that l have remained silent for far too long.

It is necessary at this juncture for me to set the records straight from my own perspective. l hereby declare that I, Chizoba Stella Keke, like many other women the world over, have been a silent victim of spouse abuse, but at this time I choose to stand up and say NO to domestic violence!!!”

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