Thursday, May 26, 2016

Air conditioners for your home

Chill out! Stop complaining on hot weather and think about buying an air conditioner. You can have your personal savior.

It may seem that buying an air conditioner requires too much specific knowledge. However, everything is pretty simple. You need to take a close look at your room (or the rooms you are going to install an air conditioner in) and then specify several points to yourself: what area it is going to cool, what type of a unit it will be, what features you want to get, and what price is appropriate. So let’s start!

Types of conditioners
Before choosing an air conditioner for your place, you should know what types of appliances are available nowadays and what can suit you.

Window Units

There are options for windows of all sizes, which differ in capacity and, consequently, price. Small ones will be okay for a room up to 300 square feet; medium is enough for a room roughly 250 to 400 square feet (which means they are a bit harder to install and remove after you don’t need them anymore); and large conditioners can cool rooms up to 650 square feet (but are quite difficult to install and may look awkward). You can find conditioners for windows that open both vertically and horizontally.

The advantage of these models is that compressor, condenser and all other important parts are placed in one big box. They are still quite portable and easy to install. Still, it is significant to find a proper window to place it on. It is the best solution for cooling one room – convenient and effortless. 

Portable Units

These are usually placed on a floor near a window, carrying air inside and out a window, and can be moved to different rooms, depending on where you decide to send some time or which needs it more. It is a great way to get an air conditioner for a place, where installation it on a window isn’t possible.

Portable units are available in two versions – with one and two hoses. Primer ones are a good solution for cooling small homes. They reduce pump out hot air, but at the same time reduce inside pressure. As a result, more air starts coming from the outside through cracks in doors and windows. Dual-hose units are more effective, as they cool hot air inside the room, but they can be quite pricey. All parts of the construction are still in one box, but you will need additional details for connecting a conditioner to the outside world to make it function. However, there are some disadvantages. The latest tests have proved that these models are not as effective as window units. Also, they are noisy and more expensive. 

Ductless/Split Units

Smaller in size, they usually look neat on a wall inside your house. Split units consist of two components – an indoor and outdoor part. This type of conditioners is comparatively simple to install, and you can do it on your own. Their effectiveness is the most close to central air-conditioning system. They are more pricy as well.

These units are a good solution for those, who want to cool several rooms without opening up walls or installing multiple units on windows. In addition, they are less noisy – or it is better to say barely audible. Still, these models are more expensive than previous ones. In case you need to cool the majority of your home, you should think about a central air-conditioning system. 

Wall Units

These units are similar to those installed on windows. There is only one difference: you need to make a hole in a wall instead of using an existing one. Prices for these are different – you can find something not really expensive. Wall-mounted conditioners have more cooling power that portable units and are more efficient than models installed on a window. Speaking about the advantages, these units are energy saving and will help you to forget about troubles for a long time.

PTAC Cooling

These are commercial models, installed usually in hotels and offices. In addition to cooling, they are used for heating spaces of any size. They also allow controlling all installed units from one location.

What you should know

There are several aspects to consider before making a final decision.

The first is climate, because effectiveness of a cooling system to the great extent depends on environmental conditions. The higher temperature is, the more a conditioner has to work. Also, you will need an appliance with a higher capacity in case a room is close to the kitchen or exposed to the sun.

After you decide what type of system you want to have, think about the capacity. Getting too powerful AC for a small room is equally bad as getting too small for a big room. It will either run frequent short cycles or work constantly, which is, again, equally bad for an accelerator and inner mechanisms in general.

Don’t forget about noise level. Don’t let it interfere with your work or leisure or make you nervous. In the end, such insignificant at first look detain can really matter.

Spend some time exploring existing functions. There is, for instance, smart human presence sensor, which modifies work of a conditioner, when someone is in a room. Remote control and sleep mode add some comfort as well.

Some people prefer using certain trusted brands. In any case, take into account energy saving functions and performance. 

Where to buy

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