Sunday, May 29, 2016

People you need to avoid by any means you can-Ali Baba writes

The veteran comedian wrote
These are the people you need to avoid by any means you can. They are those who are frustrated, jobless, no future plans, hopeless, clueless, lazy and expect their lives to be miraculously transformed for them by sitting and waiting. These same people hate people who make progress. They feed fat On blogs and gossip. They don't see why anyone should be happy because they are sad. Because they are broke, when they see you buying anything, they ask why you are spending that kind of money when people have not eaten. They see you working hard to buy a brand new car but quickly suggest you should have bought a Tokunbo. They do not see any reason you should celebrate. Tell them you are getting married, they mention people whose marriages crashed. Tell them you are pregnant, they say having children doesn't make you a better person. 
Tell them you adopted, they ask why didn't you have your own. Tell them you just got a job, they will say they can never work for anyone. I SEE A LOT OF THEM ONLINE. Go to their timelines and page, they are celebrating foreign stars and posting pictures of expensive cars and lifestyles. Yet let Banky post a picture of a new phone, they will descend on him. Toolz got married, "DUBAI marriage no dey last". 
DBanj performs at World Cup, "He needs DonJazzy". Afolayan becomes PEOGEOT ambassador, "Is he better than Desmond". Omawonder is on TV, "She is looking fat". Some people are just frustrated and bitter. And in that state of mind, no one is beyond their strike. They hate even people that can help them. Yet they will be begging for school fees, house rent, feeding money, any assistance in your DM. I often go through their timeline. And I can tell who should be helped or one who needs help

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