Thursday, May 12, 2016

This young man's explanation on the fuel subsidy removal is educating!

For those of you that do not fully understand what the benefits of the fuel subsidy removal, this is for you!

This explanation by Instagram user, Dr Osiyemi Yomi will help :)

"I have been seeing different post on ohhh why was there occupy Nigeria when Good luck Jonathan removed subsidy and now it's okay
1)At the time when president Goodluck Jonathan removed subsidy we did not have fuel queues,Nigerians were not properly educated about subsidy removal only for us to wake up Jan 1st 2012 and we hear PMS is now #141 nobody would have supported that

2)presently the current CBN exchange rate is #199 while parallel market is #320 now if you allow marketers to access foreign exchange from CBN the PMS brought into the country will be diverted into neighboring countries to make massive profit and fuel queues will continue to Linger(definetly you and I don't want this)

3)have you asked your self who enjoys from subsidy(the truth is if you continue paying subsidies marketers will keep on getting richer and this will make our refineries not to work because of sabotage
4)Let us support the Buhari led government about this subsidy matter,I don't even support the price peg at #145,I personally believe that the market should be allowed to fix the price and in no time Nigerians will benefit from this

5)my friends in diaspora complaining about the price of PMS in Nigeria ,in America PMS is above 1 dollar which means it's higher than our CBN official rate and parallel rate so why are you taking our Panadol for us.. 6)with this little I have said hope I have been able to make little common sense....


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