Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lady Who Calls Usher Her Husband, Uses His Last Name, Arrested Again After Breaching Another Restraining Order

This love no be here at all. Usher's alleged stalker has been arrested after breaching a restraining order by tracking him down to a recording studio in Atlanta. Darshelle Jones was 100 feet away from the studio attempting to film the star with an iPad when she was arrested earlier this month.

Jones posted selfies of herself at the studio to her Instagram account - making sure Usher was aware of her presence by geotagging herself and even tagging the singer in her posts.

She tagged one post, taken from behind a bush across the street, 'Usher's Range Rover'. In another she wrote: 'Usher so who is rehearsing?'

Jones is the subject of a restraining order which states that she must not be within 200 yards of the singer.

The 31-year-old's Instagram account is filled with reposted pictures of Usher, who she tags in most of her posts, and refers to as her husband. There are also pictures of her plane tickets to Atlanta from her Ohio home - on which she uses Usher's last name Raymond.

Jones also posts multiple updates on Youtube, including a recent proposal to Usher.

Usher was first granted a 12-months restraining order back in July 2012 after Jones was twice found at his home - on one occasion sitting on his porch using her iPad.


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