Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dad's heart wrenching last FB post before he died in a truck engulfed by flood

A dad who died after his truck became submerged during torrential floods sent a haunting last Facebook post showing his hopeless final moments.
Darren Mitchell, 21, appeared to have become trapped in his vehicle as flood waters rose during brutal floods in Texas, US.
He posted a picture from inside his truck along with the caption "And all I wanted was to go home".
His body was later found more than a mile downstream from where his overturned truck was discovered.Darren was one of four people killed in floods which struck the region on Thursday.

Family members of the National Guardsman said he called them to say he was trapped in flood waters shortly before making the social media post.

Ro Mitchell told KHOU: "He just said he was all right and he made it out of the truck."Eye-witnesses Lashandoe Smith said Mr Mitchell had climbed out onto the roof of his truck before it toppled into raging flood water.

She said: "He got out of his truck, he got in the bed of his truck, he got back out, on top of his truck, and then all of the sudden he got back in his truck.
"And like maybe 10, 15 minutes after he was in his truck, it just flipped and he topsided into the water

Daily Mirror

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