Sunday, May 29, 2016

Great-grandmother, 120, claims she's world's oldest living person

A great-grandmother has claimed she is the world's oldest living person - after telling officials she has celebrated her 120th birthday.

Pictures have emerged of Tanzilya Bisembeyeva with her family in the village of Alcha in Krasny Yar district in the region of Astrakhan, southern Russia.

The widow is said to have been born in 1896 and, if her claims are true, she beats the current Guinness World Record holder, Italian Emma Morano, by more than three years.

Local media in Astrakhan reports that her family say her secret is: 'She never sits down, doesn't smoke and eats only organic food.
They have said that Bisembeyeva survived the Russian Revolution, World War I, World War II and two husbands.


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