Saturday, May 28, 2016

'Marriage has been so good to me'- Monalisa Chinda can't stop gushing about her new husband

Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda who got married again recently to Victor Tonye Coker, has revealed that the experience has been so good.
In a brief chat with Kemifilaniblog at Daylight Annual Leadership Awards (DALA), the beautiful mother of one also hinted that she's ready to have another child, eight years after she had Tamar Chinda but at God's time.
Marriage has been so good, we thank God. The story of my pregnancy that went viral was a misquote. Definitely, i'll have another child soon. Only God can decide when that would happen," she said.
The Ikwerre, River State born screen diva told us why she has been off the movies scenes for a while, blaming her TV talk show; Monalisa and I', Chinda said she is getting ready to bounce back on set to do great films for her anticipating fans.
" My TV show has been distracting me, so no movies for now. It hasn't been easy at all. Besides, I have started working on my own movie productions and those are the ones i'd feature in and no other.
 Acting can't just die down like that. All i need do is to stabilize my TV show, then i face my acting career with all i have got and all that will happen this year definitely''.

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