Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Plastic surgeon redesigns wife's body to create his 'perfect' bride (photos)

A plastic surgeon has revealed how he re-designed his wife's physique with cosmetic procedures and now uses her as a sample to prospective customers.

Phillip Craft, 47, and Anna, 43, have been married since 1995 and have two children, two boys.

Over the course of their 21-year-marriage, Anna has had a boob job, liposuction, butt 'enhancements', body-contouring surgery, waist and abdominal sculpting, Botox, cheek and lip fillers.

Although she initially snubbed her husband's requests to give her a little nip and tuck, Anna had a
change of heart when her body changed after her two sons, Aston, 13, and Phillip Jr, 11, were born.

Now she's so pleased with the results that she's open to even more surgical procedures by her other half.

DailyMail reports Anna, from Miami, USA, said:
 'Phillip loves redesigning his sports cars, our furniture and, most of all, me. After having two kids, I decided to let him fine-tune me.
'He's enhanced my breast, sculpted my waist and injected fillers in my face. Phillip even sculpted my abdomen to look like a proper six-pack instead of just a one-pack!'
Phillip, 47, adds:
 'I always say to patients, 'If you want to know how good a surgeon I am, then look at my wife.' Anna's body is as close to perfection as possible.
'After my surgical tweaks to her body, I think she's even more beautiful now than when I met her, aged 22.'
Phillip first laid eyes on Anna in the gift shop of the hospital he was studying at in 1995 - and it was love at first sight. He says:
'Anna had bent over to pick up a card she'd just dropped. I saw her beautiful legs and, from that moment, I knew I'd be hooked for life.'
The pair married soon after, and Phillip began his own cosmetic surgery practice in Miami after qualifying as a doctor.

Initially, Anna had no interest in plastic surgery until 2003 when she first gave birth to their first son, and was left miserable after seeing the changes in her body.
She says:
'After my first child, I felt my figure wasn't the same. I was helping Phillip out at work, and I'd see all these gorgeous 60-year-old women with rocking bodies walking into the practice.
'That's when I thought, 'Why not?' I wanted to feel better about myself, plus I knew that Phillip would love to have a go at redesigning me!'
But it was only after the birth of her second child, in 2005, that Anna, then 32, let Phillip operate on her. Her first procedure was a breast augmentation, and she was delighted with her new boobs.
Phillip says:
 'During her pregnancies, Anna lost 30-40 per cent of her breast volume, but I got her a brilliant new set.'
Anna was thrilled with the results, and she soon asked Phillip to perform more surgery on her.

The couple & their kids today

Phillip says:
'I did some liposuction on Anna's waist, and contoured her waistline to make it much deeper. Now when Anna wears her small bikinis, everyone stops to look at her curves.
'I've made her buttocks even better, too. After pregnancy, Mother Nature made everything go south so I plumped her buttocks. Most importantly I gave Anna her mojo back.'
Anna also started getting facial injections to complete her makeover.
She says:
I feel Botox and fillers are bare necessities for any women over the age of 25 in order to maintain their beauty. Looking natural doesn't always mean being natural.'
Anna, who now manages her husband's practice, adds:
'I'm the epitome of my husband's work, and I'm so proud of that. 
'I'd never say no to more surgery - it's just like getting braces or having your hair done. If it makes you feel better and enhances your beauty, then you should go for it.

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