Monday, July 18, 2016

Young Mum Commits Suicide After Her Children Were Returned To Her Ex

A young mum took her own life after two of her children were taken from her care while a third was desperately ill in hopsital.

Emma Thomas hanged herself hours after posting a heart-breaking farewell message on Facebook reading: ‘I can’t do it any more, bye’. The 28-year-old was found dead in her garden a few weeks after being told the youngsters had been placed in the care of her ex-boyfriend permanently by social services.

Just hours before the 28-year-old was found hanging at her Rochdale home, she posted the Facebook status: “Am done u wont my kids u got them u wont get any1 that love there kids like i do cant do it any more bye [sic].”

An inquest into Ms Thomas’ death heard that she had attempted suicide by cutting her wrists and overdosing on pills weeks before she died on March 12.


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