Friday, July 15, 2016

“It’s impossible to impregnate her, she’s reached menopause” Dino Melaye tells what really happened between him and Oluremi Tinubu

A few days ago, it was widely reported that Senator Dino Melaye had allegedly threatened to beat up female senator – Remi Tinubu.

The incident allegedly went down during a closed door senatorial session in Abuja on Tuesday [July 12]. Both senators got into a verbal altercation and he allegedly screamed at Mrs. Tinubu,
F**k you! Look this is not Bourdillon. I will beat you up…impregnate you and nothing will happen.
Yesterday Melaye called a press conference in Abuja to address the abusive words he reportedly used against Mrs Tinubu.
He acknowledged that they traded words, but denied being abusive. He also used the opportunity to throw shade at Mrs Tinubu saying that there’s no way he could have said he would impregnate Mrs Tinubu because, “biologically, it is even impossible because she has reached menopause”.
Read his statement to the press below:

…I did not use any insolent, abusive, degrading or mannerless language. So, there was no reaction from any of our colleagues as regards my presentation. After I spoke, so many other senators spoke and I did not mention the name of any senator while I was making my presentation.
Unfortunately, Senator Oluremi Tinubu got up and for reasons only known to her, the first thing she said was that she’s being harassed in this chamber by Senator Melaye.
I kept quiet at that point. …At that point I was still very calm, she got up again and said that ‘this thug must be tamed.’ At that point, I got up and I told her that she is very stupid. The next statement from her is that ‘you are a dog.
She called me a dog and when she called me a dog I stood up and I reacted and I told her that this is not Bourdillon and that she should look at my face, I am not one of those senators who normally come to prostrate to them in Bourdillon.
I told her I am from Kogi State, I am not from Lagos State and that there would never be a day that I will come to you for political assistance. These were my words and she went on shouting dog, thug.
I want to tell you gentlemen of the press that for every action there must be a reaction. When I got up to address my colleagues she was not the only senator there.”
It is fallacious, malicious and a lie that I said I will impregnate Mrs. Tinubu. Biologically, it is even impossible to impregnate Mrs. Tinubu because she has reached menopause.
If you also look at that statement for those of us who are intellectually mobile, how can you say you want to beat somebody and at the same time you want to impregnate the person if you juxtapose the two is there any correlation? Does it make any logical sense? So, when they planted this falsehood they did not think deeply.
He also had something to say to APC Chieftain Bola Tinubu who demanded an apology from him for abusing his wife,
I read from the social media that Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu through his media aide is asking me to apologise. I will not believe that a man of his calibre will ask for apology without hearing from both parties.However, when I get confirmation that Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu actually is the one asking me to apologise, I will also address him accordingly.

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