Monday, July 18, 2016

Kate Moss's dying former stepdad blasts her for not helping him with medical bills

Kate Moss's former stepdad says he is dying of cancer - but claims the supermodel hasn't even called him.
Geoff Collman, 75, was the partner of Kate's mum Linda for more than 25 years and the young model used to introduce him as her stepfather.

Geoff who finally split from Linda for good in 2014,admits that his relationship with Kate did become strained over the years, but he says after a 20 year relationship he'd expect at least a call.

And he says seeing his long-time stepdaughter 'swanning around' the world in expensive cars and yachts is adding salt to the wound.
He told The Sun :

 "I would have thought she would have called and said, ‘Do you want some private medical help?’
"I'm upset I have never had a call from Kate to say she is sorry to hear how I am." Every time I see her grinning in the paper with a bloke, I think 'I could be dead in an hour.' "And I see her on Philip Green's yacht, but she won't help me."
Kate's parents Linda and Peter divorced when she was 13 and Geoff became her mum's boyfriend for the next 25 years, finally splitting months before his diagnosis.
 He says that the only gift Kate ever bought him when he was her stepdad was a kitchen bin.
 She gave it to to me and Linda one Christmas. It was all I ended up with when we split up."

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