Monday, July 18, 2016

Photo: Nice truck terrorist dated 73-year-old man he met online and watched ISIS beheading videos

The truck driver who left 84 people dead and many wounded in Nice attack, watched Isis beheading online and dated a 73-year-old man, French media reports. Mohamed Lahouaiyei Bouhlel, 31, was shot dead in the cabin of the lorry he had driven into the packed crowd celebrating Bastille Day.

According to French media, Bouhlel's mobile phone records shows how he used dating websites to meet men and women, including a 73-year-old man. The phone was picked up by police officers at the scene from the lorry's cabin after he was shot dead.

Police say the phone is proving more important to the investigation than the seven suspects in custody for their links to Bouhlel. Investigators could not confirm the Tunisian-native was approached by an Algerian Isis recruiter, stating the case was ongoing.

Bouhlel's uncle, Sadok Bouhlel, has told reporters that the Algerian recruiter found in Mohamed an easy prey for recruitment because he was estranged from his wife and three children, adding that he learned about the Algerian recruiter from extended family members who live in Nice.

 Source: The Independent


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