Saturday, December 19, 2015

See What a Man Did to His WIfe For Cheating on Him With His Friend (Very Graphic Photo)

There is no justification for this. According to the reader who sent this in, the husband allegedly caught her in bed with his friend who also lives in the same compound with them and damaged her beyond recognition but this is wrong. This cannot be justified. I know how cheating hurts men deeply but this is seriously out of place.

Very graphic photo when you continue:

The shocking part of the story is that the enraged husband allegedly proceeded to tell his friend after catching him having canal knowledge of his wife that he bore no animosity towards him as he did not rape his wife since the sex was consensual and that God used him to expose his wife's disloyalty before she would poison him, he also claimed that his friend did no wrong because his wife was ontop when he caught them having sex so he let his friend go without harming him, he then bolted the door before descending on his wife.

Is he justified?

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