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Class of 2015: These are the 100 most influential Nigerians on Twitter

by Chi Ibe
It’s a fact that Twitter has become a medium for every Nigerian to be heard and bare their minds, express their opinions and weigh-in on any discourse.
Here we are with a list of the 100 Most Influential Nigerian on Twitter Nigeria for the year 2015. A look at this year’s list would reveal that while some regular faces have retained their places, there are emerging twitter handles that have started shaping the narrative, hereby constituting a threat to the ‘Traditional Overlords’.

So Twitter Nigeria, here are who you think your most influential tweeps are and when we say influence, it is never about the number of followers but HOW the tweep influences his Twitter followers with his tweets. You agree with us?
Politics & National Issues
  1. @omojuwa
    Japheth Omojuwa is a ‘principality’ and that is putting it mildly. He is without doubt one of the most popular Nigerians on Twitter Nigeria. In 2015 however, he got found out for being a ‘one-sided activist’ who seemingly fronts for the APC.
  2. @eggheader
    He is perhaps one of the few ‘Overlords’ who engage with decorum and utmost humility. His knowledge of people and almost ‘everything’ under the sun makes him a ‘peoples tweep’.
  3. @TundeLeye

Mature, knowledgeable, Intelligent and calm, Uncle Twitter is one of our favourite tweeps. His ability to educate and inform others without having to go the ‘crass’ way endears him to almost everybody. Tunde has no political leanings and holds politicians from all parties to the same standards. It is rumoured that he is the brain behind @sbmintelligence

  1. @obyezeks
    Madam Oby Ezekwesili is so passionate about the #BringBackOurGirls campaign that she won’t stop clamouring for the return of the girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram under the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan. She manages to stay calm when she comes under a barrage of attack from PDP tweeps who have little love for her

  1. @ElRufai
    The former FCT Minister achieved Twitter popularity in 2013 and 2014 when he opposed former President Goodluck Jonathan on almost every policy. He was the arrowhead of a lot of propaganda that was spread against the former President. He it was who misled Twitter Nigeria into believing that Goodluck Jonathan’s administration spent 64Billion Naira on Independence day celebrations. A lie that has since been shown to be what it is…a lie.

  1. @ShehuSani

The ‘camel senator’ as he is widely called, Senator Shehu Sani is never tired of reminding Twitter of his days in detention under Abacha. His feather ruffling of @Elrufai has fetched him not just many enemies on Twitter, but a suspension by his local chapter of the APC in Kaduna State.

  1. @MrAyeDee
    Ever since he crept into our consciousness with the #LindaGate scandal, he has refused to go away. Played a huge role in former President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election bid which unfortunately was ill-fated. His stance on National issues however leaves us confused as sometimes, he makes it seem like he is about to decamp to the APC (as an AGIP) and then like the weather, changes.

  1. @Atiku
    The former VP and successful businessman continued to be relevant on TwitterNG by saying the rights things at the right time. His Twitter account is highly engaging as he takes his followers on, on a variety of issues which includes but is not limited to Arsenal, his businesses and politics.

  1. @Akaebube
    A passionate ‘GEJITE’ who however claims to be a member of the ‘APGA’ party, Ebube, a Lawyer has in 2015 become one of the leading drivers of the ‘conversation’ on Twitter. And he adds a bit of humour to it.

  1. @Doubleeph
    He is a London-based accountant. He is however seen by others as being largely intolerant to other peoples’ views. He leans towards the APC and goes any length to defend their actions and inactions.

  1. @Toluogunlesi
    Rumoured to be the President ‘Reno’ i.e Senior Special Assistant on the New Media, Tolu continues to command the respect of tweeps who look forward to his articles and views on issues.

  1. @Egbas
    Editor at and one who describes himself as ‘bald as a baby’s bottom’, Jude has over the years distinguished himself as one of the very few who can say the truth irrespective of political leanings. Although not a few people believe he is an APC sympathiser. He denies that though.

  1. @adeyanjudeji
‘Hated by many, respected by a few but followed by many’, Deji Adeyanju is            one of the PDP’s most vocal voltrons and was recently appointed the PDP’s    Social Media Director. Seen by many as one with little or no substance, he       has managed albeit strangely to get the attention of the Twitter community. In   the year under review, he dragged ‘like-mind’ Japheth Omojuwa @Omojuwa   before a Court in Abuja for defamation. 2016 promises to be an interesting            year, don’t you think?
  1. @Abati1990
    The former spokesman to President Goodluck Jonathan has returned to his first love which is writing. He has also stood by his boss and has seemingly being his unofficial mouthpiece on Twitter. His tweets get people talking.

  1. @seunonigbinde
Former Banker, Seun is the founder of Nigerian Civic tech organization,   @Budgitng. He is highly respected and drives conversation on social media
  1. @BukolaSaraki
    Senate President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Senator Bukola Saraki has managed to keep his Twitter account active and engaging.

  1. @MrEnclave
    Olumide is without doubt one of the most influential tweeps in Nigeria. His very popular bar @BarEnclave renowned for its very popular grilled turkey and is basically the meeting point for tweeps for meeting and rub minds.

  1. @AbangMercy
    The brain behind NewswireNGR, she has excellent insight into politics and general issues.

  1. @TunjiAndrews
    A BBC Business commentator, markets analyst and FDI specialist, he is the resident top business and economic analyst on Twitter and makes people dust off their economics textbooks once he starts his analysis.

  1. @cchukwudubelu:
The man who previously called himself “Mwalimu” (meaning “teacher” in Swahili) and now goes by the name “Onye Nkuzi” retained his influence with his expert opinions on Nigerian and global political issues, and knowledge about almost everything. We still do not know anyone who has met him nor do have we seen a picture of him. Of late, he is more likely to be seen ranting against President Muhammadu Buhari and his persistent campaign for the Second Niger Bridge.

  1. @IsmaeelAhmed
Leader of the APC Youth Forum and without doubt, one of the most Influential young politicians in Nigeria, Ismaeel commands huge respect particularly among young APC folks on Twitter

  1. @MssZeeUsman
An Oxford Doctoral candidate, Zainab Usman has been quite vocal and influential on Twitter in issues from politics to socio-cultural issues, particularly those that are Northern-related. Often regarded as a bigot, based on her views.

  1. @SamHart
As someone who has been in government before (Chief Press Secretary to the Abia State governor, 2003 – 2007) and back in government, Sam Hart tweets politics as someone who knows, especially from the inside. His opinions are not to be taken lightly.

  1. @Chude
The young media mogul who runs RED Media Group does not make his opinions known often, but when he does, he steals attention. He was a vocal supporter of President Buhari’s campaign as his PR firm, Statecraft was one of the brains behind the successful run.

  1. @FemAdesina
The former editor of the tabloid, The Sun was appointed Special Adviser on Media to President Buhari, and got active on his Twitter account for the job. However, he has had a less than impressive record as he is fond of making faux pas statements and tweets.

  1. @GarbaShehu
Mallam Garba Shehu deputises for Femi Adesina as Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity. He has gotten into far less controversies on account of his tweets and is learning the ropes of social media engagement quite fast.

  1. @doyakubu
Dogara Yakubu literally came from almost nowhere to clinch the Speakership of the House of Representatives in a move that shocked everyone, including those within his APC. The Bauchi-born legislator is still quite active on Twitter in a personal capacity but has reduced his rate of engagement due to the demand of his position.

  1. @DemolaRewaju
The brain behind and is without doubt one of the most respected writers on Twitter. He is a member of the PDP and is consistently dissecting and criticizing the policies of the APC and the FG.

  1. @Eloka51
Lagos-based banker, Eloka, makes his first appearance on this list by virtue of his constant criticism of President Buhari and the APC, of which he is evidently not a fan of. He is a member of APGA.

  1. @nigeriasbest
London-based insurance professional and lawyer, Michael is a member of the PDP and gives excellent political analysis while engaging maturedly. He is rarely to be caught engaging in bitter confrontation that has come to define political talk on Twitter.

  1. @UcheBriggs
Erratic? Well. Intelligent? That is not disputable. A manager working with Cadbury’s Nigeria, Uche leans slightly towards the APC but he keeps his engagement very civil.

  1. @iamtenseven
Emeka is a PDP member and a staunch supporter of former President Jonathan. He has quite acclimatized to his new role in the opposition by constantly sparring with APC supporters oer the policies and actions of the FG. He hasn’t lost his insight into political happenings in many states across the country, but is still humble enough to keep mute or ask for opinions on where he does not know much.

  1. @Dino_Melaye
Dino Melaye made it back into the Senate this year. He was mainly in the news for his unflinching loyalty to Senate President Bukola Saraki by accompanying him and his wife to their court cases. His support of a Frivolous Public Petitions Bill which has a controversial clause to regulate social media earned him a lot of knocks and attacks.

  1. @Oddy4Real
Lawyer and writer, he is majorly seen as controversial and quite erratic while some insist he is ‘soft’. He is never afraid to get into the most heated arguments when it comes to defending PDP/former President Jonathan and delivering jabs at President Buhari.

  1. @ikhide
Based in America, Pa Ikhide writes on about everything under the sun, and his opinions on politics cannot be ignored. He is quite critical of the APC and President Buhari in satirical ways.

  1. @amasonic
Mark Amaza is intelligent and likes to be seen as ‘politically unbiased’. Most people however see him as leaning towards the APC. He is best remembered for his famous u-turn of 2015 when he ditched former President Jonathan for President Buhari, who eventually won.

  1. @abdulMahmud1
‘The Oracle’ as he is fondly called is one leading authority on Twitter when it comes to the Law and politics.

  1. @Purehaire
Nana Nwachukwu is an Abuja trained Lawyer and writer. She is a PDP member and manages to command a large following from the non-PDP folks.

  1. @DonJazzy
    Arguably Africa’s best music producer. He continued to blaze the trail in 2015. And did he share recharge cards? We cannot recollect.

  1. @Wildeyeq
Edward Israel-Ayide is a top ‘dog’ at Chocolate City Entertainment where he           is Business Development Executive as well as Executive Assistant to @Audu   who is President of the group. An emerging player in the entertainment circle,            he has worked and done PR for top artistes like Reminisce, Koker and Kiss    Daniel.
The Greatest Rapper of all time crept into TwitterNG consciousness when he singlehandedly ended Drake and Meek Mill’s career. We hear a Grammy award is next.

Must be nice.

  1. @LindaIkeji
    Africa’s number one blogger grew bigger. Ruffled feathers. Got everyone talking and got a place in Banana Island.

  1. @WizkidAyo
    Twitter broke when we all woke up to find out that his smash hit ‘Ojuelegba’ had been remixed by who else? DRAKE! That was some ‘Chairman’ level, innit? He also had an infamous spat with Skales. Do not ask us who won.

  1. @iam_Davido
    ‘OBO’ (no pun intended) can possibly claim to have had an excellent year. He had successful hit singles and got a number of endorsements. He kept us entertained with his end of the year show- his spat with his baby momma, Sophia. And the blockbuster featured Uncle Dele Momodu.

  1. @Olamide_YBNL
    Arguably one of hottest Artistes in Nigeria right now, he held Nigerians spellbound with hit after hit. Twitter basically stayed woke when his smash hit ‘Bobo’ was released. He also headlined a show at Eko Hotel, which trended for hours.

  1. @TosinAdeda
    Hair splitter? Yes. Controversial? Yes? Insult him but Tosin is going to say what he has to say. One whose opinions are never to be taken lightly in the entertainment industry, Tosin’s knowledge of music and the industry makes him one to be taken seriously.

  1. @CharlesNovia
    The filmmaker has opinions on everything. No seriously, everything. And many times, he has gotten into trouble for those opinions. His support for former President Goodluck Jonathan as well as his incessant criticism of President Buhari has time and again put him in trouble. But he triumphs still.

  1. @AdekunleGold
The Orente crooner can easily be rated as the Revelation of the Year, as he followed Orente up with another hit jam, Pick Up. He is quite taciturn but has a very engaged fan base.
  1. @IamReminisce
Did Alaga Ibile have a good year? No. We think he had an excellent year. Reminisce dropped his 3rd studio Album ‘Baba Hafusa’ which was a huge success. According to reports, the album sold millions in weeks, topped iTunes Chart for weeks. To cap it all up, he became the 1st African Rapper to be featured on the Billboard 100 Chart for best albums.
He had a good year.
Very what?
Very good.

  1. @AfroVII
    Her reviews of Nigeria music albums are more often than not off the mark and a good example has to be her review of Reminice’s Baba Hafusa Album where she incurred the wrath of quite a many tweep.

  1. @OvieO
    The brain behind Nigeria’s biggest and most popular music blog, Upcoming artistes covet his favor as he can propel them to stardom.

  1. @MI_Abaga
    Basking in the euphoria of the huge success of his album ‘Chairman’, Jude Abaga was made President of Chocolate City music. A huge feat, yeah? He regales people with his grasp of issues and ability to argue very intelligently. One won’t forget how he took ‘PDP Tweep’ @RadicalYouthman to the cleaners during the course of the year.

  1. @Audu
    The boss of the Chocolate City Group, stable to M.I. and Ice Prince, is influential even beyond entertainment circles. He held Twitter spellbound for about 2 days or so when he asked Tweeps for ask and it shall be given.
Did he end up giving?
We don’t know.

  1. @FalzTheBadGuy
Qualified Lawyer, Falz started by dropping very videos on Twitter and Instagram. We still didn’t have an idea what was going to hit us until he dropped Karishika feat Phyno and Chigurl. And the rest is history.

  1. @IcePrinceZamani
    It is late 2015 and almost everyone agrees he can rap. But the Jos-born rapper is loved, especially by the ladies and commands a Twitter influence base in the hundreds of thousands.

  1. @HenshawKate
    The actress continued to dazzle with her beauty, and also threw her hat into the ring to run for the ticket of the PDP for the Calabar Municipal Federal Constituency. Sadly, she was unsuccessful, which was heartbreaking for her teeming fans. She however continues to tweet sometimes her ‘pro pdp’ tweets.

  1. @OsaGz

Osagie Alonge works with Pulse Nigeria. He is generally seen as the ‘authority’ when it comes to reviewing albums and his views are never taken with a pinch of salt. His show ‘FactsOnly’ is also largely followed.

  1. @Nobsdaslushhkid
Noble Igwe is the boss of leading Music blog, 2015 was a great year as he landed mouth watering endorsement deals. He also showed a side we all had never seen… TROLL!

  1. @RealOmoSexy

Has to be on this list because she has being  using social media to push and drive causes close to her heart, including feminism and responsibility in governance.

  1. @SeunOsewa
    Though he does not tweet much, his Nairaland site continues to be influential in shaping perceptions through the discussions between its over 1 million followers.
  2. @JasonNjoku
    The boss of irokoTV and SPARK, Jason is one person who knows his onions when it comes to running a tech business in Nigeria.

  1. @MrBankole
    Bankole basically ‘owns’ 2015 with the launch of ‘ZikokoMag’ which happens to be his brainchild. The blog has being hugely successful. He is the editor-in-chief or “convener” as he loves to call it, of leading tech blog, Tech Cabal. He is also a lawyer.
  2. @MarkEssien
    Lagos-based, Ikot-Ekpene born software developer, he runs, Nigeria’s biggest hotel booking platform.

  1. @MayowaOlowabi
    Self-acclaimed technopreneur and business architect, he runs BuyNowNow, Nigeria’s equivalent of eBay.

  1. @EmekaOkoye
    Mobile and linked open data technologist, he is also the founder of which is a company that provides advanced communication services to people and organization in emerging markets. Emeka is a leading semantic Mobile Application developer.

  1. @SeyiTaylor
    Vocal on Twitter on technology and politics, he is part of the team at Tech

  1. @simdul
    It takes guts and brains to start and run two tech startups at the same time, especially when one of them is a major e-Commerce site. Sim Shagaya is the founder and CEO of Konga and DealDey and is highly respected among Nigerian techies.

  1. @BosunTijani
    Bosun is one of the founders of the incubator, cc-Hub. He is also the brain behind, where people connect online and engage in fitness activities offline together. He spends his time Leicester, England and Lagos.

  1. @EghosaO
    With many years of experience as a venture capitalist at Intel Capital under his belt, Eghosa now runs EchoVC Partners, a venture capital firm. Tech entrepreneurs looking to get funding for their ideas lean on his every word.

  1. @MarekChinedu
    Polish by origin but fast becoming a Nigerian, Marek Zmylowski runs Jovago, a hotel booking platform funded by Rocket Internet and competitor to

  1. @KofiAfaedor
    Raphael Kofi Afaedor, one of the two co-founders of Jumia Nigeria resigned to start his own eCommerce venture, SuperMart.

  1. @Mukoshy
    Young and well-respected, Ahmed Mukoshy is the CTO and founder of, a domain and web hosting company

  1. @Gbengasesan
    Through his organization, Paradigm Initiatives Nigeria, Gbenga Sesan is using technology to change the lives of disadvantaged youths and empowering them. He is also active in social and political issues.

  1. @Oviosu
    The founder of mobile payments company, Paga, which continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

  1. @Asemota
    Self-described as a lover of African technology and fondly called “Big Chief”, Victor Asemota shares his thoughts and experiences on technology on his timeline and blog.

  1. @EditiEffiong
    One of his crowning moments was managing the online campaign of former VP Atiku Abubakar through his digital marketing firm, Anakle, and building on the success of their viral web app, BridePrice from last year. He was also the brain behind #ThankASoldier on Twitter. And that was fairly successful.

  1. @xniyi

One who prefers to keep a very low profile, Niyi Abiri, an Ogbomoso born entrepreneur Is the brain behind @cMapIt.

  1. @Iaboyeji
Iyin Aboyeji is the co-founder of @andela. He almost always drives the conversation on Technology related issues on Twitter.

On Air Personalities (OAPs)

  1. @Avariberry
Pretty, big and happy with her size, Dami Elebe is one of the Happy voices on beats FM, Lagos. Generally respected on twitter.

  1. @Osi_suave
Generally seen as someone who struggles to be rich and larger than life as well as a braggart, Osi evokes mixed emotions from Tweeps. While he is a wannabe to some, he is a liar and braggart to some. Some tease him with the ‘Honda and Benz’ Joke. LOL.


  1. @WaleOzolua
Top huncho at Beats FM Ibadan and basically one of the most popular male on air personalities in Ibadan, Wale is well regarded within and outside the ‘Ibadan Twitter sphere’ where he has carved a nitch for himself.
  1. @LekeAlder
    The brand strategist continues to woo minds and hearts with his insights into relationships and religion through his #LetterToJill, #LetterToJack and other tweet series.
  2. @FelaDurotoye
    The motivational speaker continues his motivation magic on Twitter to his teeming fans,
  3. @PastorPoju
    The founder and pastor of Covenant Christian Centre and the convener of The Platform, he shares scriptures on his timeline regularly.
  1. @elnathan
    Lawyer, writer, blogger, satirist, activist, nominee for Caine Prize for Literature. He continues to hold people spellbound with his tweets and pieces.
  2. @AyoSogunro
    Another lawyer, writer and activist, he continued to build up on the success of his book, Sorry Tales last year with the release of Everything In Nigeria Is Going To Kill You. His tweets pack punch and influence.
  3. @MaxSiollun
    Despite not having many followers, his influence is very obvious in how often mentioned in political conversations and the caliber of people who almost swear by his two books, “Oil, Politics and Violence” and “Soldiers of Fortune”. A third book is eagerly being awaited.


  1. @Molarawood
Molarin Wood is an excellent writer and avid lover of the arts. Her tweets on the ‘Ake Festival’ are always a delight.

  1. @LolaShoneyin
This was a great year for Lola as she featured on President’s Buhari’s campaign train (although she once complained about being looked over during one of his trips abroad, LOL). Talk arts on Nigeria Twitter, Lola is an authority.

  1. @olorisupergal (promoting art and cultural events)
She is not just a blogger per excellence. She promotes arts and cultural events bia her blog.

  1. @ColinUdoh
Without exaggerating, Colin remains one of the most respected sports journalists in Africa and the most influential in Nigeria. When it comes to sports and football especially, he tweets with authority.

  1. @SundayOliseh
The former captain of the Super Eagles was appointed the Manager of the            Super Eagles this year. Apparently, he has shown that TV and Twitter        analysis can land you a job as the Super Eagles head coach.

  1. @KayodeTijani2000
Popular TV sports analyst, his views are not taken lightly.

  1. @IkwerreMan
Nigeria’s leading football blogger and head sports reporter at Today FM 91.5

  1. @Chaplinez70
Charles Anazodo is one of the most eloquent and recognizable faces in sports analysis in Nigeria. He peddles his trade with SuperSports.

  1. @emma_dele
Emmanuel Nwachukwu, a Senior Sales Manager at Slot Nigeria is one of the most respected sports ‘pundits’ on Twitter Nigeria. A huge Arsenal fan, he has a ‘little bit ITK niggle niggle’ but look, he knows his onions.

Life & Living
  1. @funmilola
The host of the now defunct TV show, New Dawn, continues to be influential, judging by not just the number of followers she has, but also their caliber. She also got an Etisalat endorsement in the course of the year.

  1. @Gidi_Traffic
What started as an account to give updates on Lagos traffic, which is a necessity if you live in the megacity, has grown to answer questions on even the most mundane and ridiculous stuff, which it answers with humor and wit.

  1. @SubDeliveryMan
Very controversial account, ‘it’ is an anonymous person or group of persons who deliver subs or anonymous messages whether good or bad on Twitter. The account has livened up Twitter in its own way.

  1. @Sugabelly
There has scarcely been a more controversial account on Twitter this year than Sugabelly. A single tweet from her on an issue can alter the discussions on the platform for a whole day. It reached a crescendo in November when she published accusations against a scion of late politician, Prince Abubakar Audu of raping her. That dominated discussions on Twitter for a whole week and beyond.

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