Thursday, December 31, 2015

Man Slaughters His Wife And Daughter For Cheating

A Zimbabwean pastor, Lazarus Dube, has allegedly killed his wife and stepdaughter before hanging himself in a bush, because he caught his wife cheating on him.

In the tragic report carried by MyZimbabwe, the 44-year-old man of God, brutally slaughtered his wife Lucy, and stepdaughter Mary, 18, after accusing them of being prostitutes, before killing himself.

Dube allegedly committed the gruesome crime in his staff house at Sirmic Enterprises, industrial site.

He had reportedly called his uncle, Nickels Sibanda, barely 30 minutes after the murder, telling him he had killed his family.

Sibanda who travelled from Insiza to Kwekwe, told the police at the Kwekwe Police Station that his nephew, a pastor with an Apostolic Sect based in Mbizo 18, told him he killed his family because they refused to repent from prostitution.

“I can confirm that my nephew axed to death his wife and step daughter on Monday morning accusing them of being prostitutes.

I was in Insiza when my nephew called me. He told me that he had killed them because they were involved with many men. He said he had asked them to repent but they had refused to listen to him and continued being promiscuous,” Sibanda said.

Sibanda said as he attempted to talk him out of committing suicide, Dube hung up on him.

“I went to Mbembesi Police Station and told them about my conversation with my nephew. The police called Kwekwe Central Police Station. My nephew’s body and those of his daughter and wife were then discovered by the police.

We’ve no money to take our nephew to our rural home. So we’re burying him here. He was a quiet person and I’m shocked by what has happened,” the tearful Sibanda said.

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