Thursday, February 2, 2017

Man spends over $80k to look like Britney Spears (photos)

A Britney Spears obsessed man has spent over $80k on plastic surgery to look like his idol and stay eternally young.
Bryan Ray, 31, from Los Angeles, California started emulating the superstar at 17.

Since then he's had over 90 cosmetic procedures including a nose job, having fat injected into his cheeks, laser hair removal, lip fillers, Botox injections and more.
As well as cosmetic procedures, he splashes out $500 a month on lotions to keep his skin looking youthful.

Bryan, who runs a marijuana edibles company, said:

'I love making modifications to my face and body with the art of plastic surgery, fillers & countless other cosmetic procedures.
'Ever since I was young there was something about Britney Spears and the qualities she had that I thought was the perfect package.I was obsessed, I watched all her interviews, learned all her choreography and then paid to have the same perfect smile as, I felt that during that time we were very similar.
'In the beginning, I was trying to look like Britney Spears, my surgeons who designed my veneers asked me which celebrity smile I wanted to base mine on and it was hers.

'Now with my looks, I want to get into modelling, I love impersonating Britney Spears so I want to continue doing that and see where it takes me.When I was younger, I did it a lot more, now I'm older I still dress up, make music videos, do lip syncing to her songs and constantly have her music playing in the background.
'So many people refer to me as 'Britney' and for a very long time friends have greeted me with her infamous quote 'It's Britney, b****!' from her song 'Gimme More' which I absolutely love.

Bryan has met his idol three times - including during her infamous meltdown of 2007.

He added: 'It was amazing meeting her, I went into a little outdoor flea market in Hawaii and heard a really small, very soft spoken voice with a southern accent behind me.I've never been more nervous, I was face to face with my biggest idol and inspiration, she was completely not glammed stripped of make-up, very real and so gorgeous.
'My eyes zoomed in on her teeth, they were just as beautiful in her photos and music videos, she was the sweetest person.
'The next time I met her she was going through a dark period and was speaking in a British accent while waiting in line at a pharmacy, she acknowledged me but wasn't too friendly.
'Then I also met her again at a club called Tiger Heat in the VIP lounge when she was there with her boyfriend of the time, where she was very sweet.'

The self-confessed 'human doll' believes he doesn't look 'a day over 17' thanks to his routine of laser hair treatment every two months, Botox every five months and lip fillers four times a year.
Bryan said:

'One of my primary goals is to preserve my youth for as long as possible, I don't want any facial or body hair as it will age me.
'I've fully avoided wrinkles, Botox has been my best friend throughout my journey to prevent aging, even today people think I'm younger than I am

Bryan is set to features in new show tentatively called 'Plastics of Hollywood', based on a talent and modelling agency for real life human dolls.

Culled from Mailonline

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