Thursday, February 16, 2017

Are These The Most Unfortunate Names Ever?

Sometimes a name can make perfect sense in theory, but then when you say it out loud it just doesn't work.

And while some people have boring names such as Jones and Smith, there are plenty of others with a little more imagination.

From Sam Sung to P. Ennis and Dick Long, Bored Panda rounded up some of the most unfortunate names ever.

You'll never be critical of your own again.

One of the rudest on the unfortunate list is Mike Litoris.

And if that makes you squirm, imagine having to introduce yourself as Mr P. Ennis or Dick Long.

Other more innocent unfortunate options include Saad Maan and Chris P. Bacon.

While some of the names such as Paul Twocock sound like a bad joke, others are more tongue in cheek.

One especially funny business card reads Sam Sung, in a nod to the famous electronics company.

In one unlucky yearbook, a teacher called Mr Perv is pictured among his class.

'Mr Perv's Fifth Grade,' the accompanying caption reads


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