Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Woman claims Eva Longoria stole her wedding(Photos)

An eagle-eyed bride Amanda Chalkin, 30, from Manchester has discovered that a snap of Victoria Beckham helping Eva into her dress bears an uncanny resemblance to a photo from her own big day.

Amanda's photo shows her bridesmaid, her cousin , standing behind her and adjusting her wedding dress, wearing a strapless navy gown that's remarkably similar to Victoria's.

Amanda was immediately struck by how similar Eva's dress was to her own, and also by how much their bridesmaids dresses were alike. Amanda told FEMAIL...

'I saw Victoria Beckham posted the picture on Instagram and straight away I saw that mine and my bridesmaid dresses were really similar,'
So I checked our wedding pictures and I found that we had a picture in the exact same pose.'I sent the photo to my family and friends straight away and they were in shock too. It was very weird. It almost looked fake.'
Eva's silk crepe gown was designed by her close friend Victoria and she praised her for making a 'dream dress' that was created 'with love'.

Meanwhile, Amanda's was a creation by Israeli designer called Daniel Goldberg.

'It was exactly the same style as Eva's, designed especially for me,' she explained.

Eva's dress was plain while Amanda's featured an all over lace embellishment, however both dresses share the same thick white straps, v neck line and fishtail shape.


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