Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lessons from Statement Made By Evans The Notorious Kidnap Kingpin

Did you learn anything from Confessional statement made so far by notorious kidnap kingpin Evans?

1. Some of your business partners might just be gathering information before striking, be careful and do not show off. Equally mind what you say and discuss with 'friends'.

"All I did was to rent a shop in Aspanda and Alaba markets and started selling motor spare parts. This gave me the opportunity to mix in properly. I also opened a haulage company that carries mostly containers. My customers were the big boys in the market. This business helped me to know when they are doing well judging by the number of containers that they import."- Evans

2. Keeping late nights is not advisable. Be mindful of certain areas you go to relax cos you don't know who's watching or monitoring you.

"It was one of my boys Uche that brought the job. To be sure, we monitored his movement and discovered that every other evening he normally goes to a bar to drink and returns home late."- Evans

“I came back in the same 2013 and rented a house in Lakeview estate, Amuwo Odofin. It was then that I realised that I was wasting my destiny in armed robbery. I saw how successful most of my Igbo brothers were. They had little or no protection and were always seen at beer palours. I never knew that most of these men at Alaba market and Aspanda market were very rich till I started living among them."- Evans

3. Alternate your routines and your routes to work or relaxation spots.

"It was then another person suggested that we should pick up Young Shall Grow chairman. We monitored him and discovered his daily routine especially where he goes to play table tennis."- Evans

4. Ladies, all that glitters is not gold, demand that he takes you to his office or business venture... Pay surprise visits often...

“I tried my best to keep her away from the real source of my wealth. I had established several businesses, which she knew about. I am not good with dates so I might not remember the date that I married my wife, all I know is that it was 11 years ago since my first child is 10 years plus. I met her when she was still a teenager and in Senior Secondary school. She was so pretty and innocent so I got attracted. Then I was a trader at Ladipo and was making small money there. I toasted her and succeeded in convincing her after showering her with so many gifts. Along the line, she got pregnant and it’s an abomination so I quickly convinced her family to allow me to marry her. They asked me what I was doing; I told them that I was a spare parts dealer based in Lagos." - Evans

5. Kidnappers and robbers go to church. Meanwhile be mindful of the kind of testimonies you share in church, you wouldn't know who is sifting your stories.

“Any day you are going to do thanksgiving, we are going to be there.” I now asked him, how would I know you will be there? He replied that, I shouldn’t worry; he would come and follow me to thank God. “Onwa, but your God is great oh”. - Evans to one of his victims.

By Franklin Onwubiko

Can you add anything else that you learnt if you think it was omitted?



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