Friday, January 27, 2017

Bills Targeting Protests In U.S. States Fuel Free Speech Fears

Republican lawmakers in several central U.S. states are pushing bills that would crack down on demonstrations, drawing criticism from free speech campaigners and underlining the polarization over protests in the era of President Donald Trump.

Bills have been introduced over the past month in states including North Dakota, Indiana and Iowa that would impose measures such as harsher penalties for demonstrators who disrupt traffic, and scrapping punishment for drivers who unintentionally strike protesters blocking their vehicles.

The push for stricter laws comes as opponents of Trump have vowed to take to the streets to demonstrate against his policies on issues ranging from immigration to abortion and climate change. Recall hundreds of thousands of people took part in women's marches on Jan. 21 in cities across the country.

We can only pray this never happens in America. It will send a bad signal to the world. No Trump, not this.

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