Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fisher Man Finds World’s Biggest Pearl Ever Worth $100m In Sea, But Sadly He Never Knew The Worth

A giant pearl - believed to be the biggest ever - was found by a fisherman who kept it as a good luck charm.

The man, who has not been identified, discovered the priceless 34kg gem ten years ago in sea off the coast of Palawan Island, Philippines.

He had no idea the pearl, which is five times larger than the previous record, was worth an eye-watering value of $100 million (£76million).

A fire at his wooden home earlier this year forced him to move house and he decided to have it in to the stunned local tourism officer in remote Puerto Princesca.

They were able to verify that it had been found in a giant clam.

The priceless rock measures a staggering 1ft foot wide and 2.2 feet long - dwarfing the current world's biggest Pearl of Allah which weighed 6.4kg and is worth $35million. They however didn;t mention if the man would be compensated.

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